Manoj Saxena

Expert in Machine Learning, Venture Capitalist

How Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the way we work, live, and play

We are on the cusp of a dramatically different world brought on by intelligent machines. Manoj Saxena, a leading practitioner and investor at the forefront of this field, reveals his knowledge of how rapidly evolving machine intelligence and the corresponding business model shifts will both drive our economic salvation and also threaten our very livelihoods.

Featured on the covers of The New York Times Magazine, The Economist, Forbes and FORTUNE, intelligent machines and artificial intelligence have taken the world by storm, and today more than $1 billion has been invested in startups harnessing this nascent technology. Despite this, machine intelligence technology is still widely underappreciated in terms of its disruption potential for businesses and society.

Named one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People 2015” and “Entrepreneur of the Year,” Manoj Saxena explains how these technological wonders came to be, why they are important and where they are headed. He then makes a case for developing new business models and new technologies, and prescribes new policies that prepare us for this world of tomorrow through exponential rather than arithmetic lenses.

Leading the world’s first and largest commercial initiative on cognitive computing as former general manager of IBM Watson and now as a venture capitalist, Manoj draws upon his experience to provide crucial insights on how machine intelligence is rapidly impacting various industries and business models, and prescribes steps businesses will have to take or die.

Manoj has been featured in hundreds of articles for publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, FORTUNE, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review, among others. He has also appeared on television, NPR and other networks.

About Manoj Saxena

Managing Director, The Entrepreneurs’ Fund; Former General Manager, IBM Watson; Expert on Machine Intelligence and Digital Disruption.

Manoj Saxena is founding managing director of The Entrepreneurs’ Fund IV, a $100 million seed fund focused exclusively on the machine intelligence market.

He is also chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ San Antonio branch and of CognitiveScale and SparkCognition.

Previously, he was general manager of IBM Watson, where his team built the first cognitive systems. Prior to IBM, Saxena successfully founded and sold two venture-backed software companies within a five-year span.

He currently serves on the boards of Communities In Schools and the Saxena Family Foundation. An avid auto racing enthusiast, he has completed track, endurance and auto rally races around the world, including a 24-day Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand-Burma race and a 10-day Madrid to Marrakesh race.